Help for Italy

Friday 10th April 2020

80 families requiring urgent help for food supplies have been evaluated and identified in the area called “La Rustica” on the outskirts of Rome. This covers a population of around 850,000. Most of this area has been built up without any form of permits and every aspect of life at the best of times is precarious. Drug addiction, illegal immigration and poor families make up the difficult social factors.


It has been estimated that more than 70% of this population are now without income of any sort nor can they access any form of governmental help.


The Fondazione Sue Ryder (FSR) has been granted permission to be able to help the community. Hunger seems to be the most important issue to tackle.


Food packages have been organised for distribution over the last days and are now being delivered by the volunteers.  This is being coordinated by FSR in collaboration with the Caritas volunteers from the local parish church.


FSR has been able to engage the local LIDL supermarket by being allowed to ask for donations of food items. Every evening a volunteer picks these up to take to the Foundation for sorting.


Items which have been requested include the following: tinned food of all type, rice, pasta, flour, sugar, long life milk, baby food, oil, coffee.


The Caritas has provided pasta and rice, while the Fondazione has added to this olive oil, sugar, tuna, all the tinned items mentioned above, as well as nappies.

Also, yesterday a company which usually supplies restaurants and bars (now closed) has donated a vast supply of chocolate Easter eggs and Easter cakes. Fortunately, firms can donate items to charity and avail of VAT relief and 50% refund on the value of the product.

These were all included in the food packages last night for distribution today for 70 families.


Just a small example of the people receiving  packages….a grandmother living with a 4 year old grandson, a  single mother of 4 who worked in “black” and lost her job with no access to any form of government support, an 88 year old with no family….

These people are hungry. Hopefully not over Easter for them now.

Next week ….more shopping with more people being added to the list.



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