The Lady Ryder of Warsaw Memorial Trust was set up to continue Sue Ryder’s amazing work.

The Lady Ryder of Warsaw Memorial Trust

We continue Sue Ryder’s incredible legacy by giving grants to tackle poverty and relieve suffering and by spreading awareness of her story. We also exist to be a central point of the Sue Ryder Family of Foundations that still carry on her work across the world.

The Story of Sue Ryder

Who was Sue Ryder

Margaret Susan Cheshire, Baroness Ryder of Warsaw, Lady Cheshire, CMG, OBE, best known as Sue Ryder, was a British volunteer with Special Operations Executive in the Second World War, and a member of the First Aid Nursing Yeomanry, who afterwards established charitable organisations, notably the Sue Ryder Foundation

She was one of the first people to set up charity shops in the 1950’s and today there are still a network of over 400 shops. She was an incredible force for good, working long hours, living frugally and always embodying her aim to ‘do what you can for the person in front of you.’


Homes and projects

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Countries where she carried out work


Average miles she travelled by van/car

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Estimated people

How we continue her work today…

➩ By giving grants to projects where we can make a difference to the lives of individuals of any age – to those who are sick, those with a disability, those who are homeless or refugees.

➩ We especially support the work of charitable foundations started by Sue Ryder and most recently we have helped refugees from Ukraine.

➩ By starting to fund Medical Scholarships. Our hope is to assist potential students from disadvantaged backgrounds to become doctors.  

➩ By sharing Sue Ryder’s story – 2024 will be the Centenary of Sue Ryder’s birth and we are planning events to mark this occasion.

Sue Ryder just after World War II driving a truck to deliver aid

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