Lady Ryder

Sue Ryder “Family of Foundations”

“The truth is that there are few problems confronting humanity that are incapable of solution, if only a sufficient number of human beings apply their hearts and their energies.” Sue Ryder

Sue Ryder established homes, hospitals, domiciliary teams and mobile medical units across the world, many of which are in operation today. They are all part of Sue Ryder’s Family of Foundations.

The Lady Ryder of Warsaw Memorial Trust (LRWMT) is a central point for the Sue Ryder Family of Foundations, and we share her wish to relieve suffering wherever that may be, to search out for those needing help and to help where we can.

Alongside her work to relieve suffering, Sue Ryder established the Sue Ryder Prayer Fellowship to be a ‘powerhouse of prayer’ for the needs of others and for the work carried on throughout the world in her name. The LRWMT and the Sue Ryder Prayer Fellowship work closely together to continue Sue Ryder’s work and ethos.

We are pleased to welcome the following as members of Sue Ryder‘s Family of Foundations:

  • Sue Ryder Foundation in Malawi

    From its beginnings in 1990 to 2018, the Sue Ryder Foundation in Malawi (SRFIM) ran a community based rehabilitation programme, providing healthcare to people with chronic asthma and epilepsy and rehabilitation to those with physical disabilities in the rural areas of Balaka and Ntcheu.

    In 2018, the care was transferred to the District Health Officers but the SRFIM has continued to provide support through community volunteers, previously trained through the SRF, and with the provision of epilepsy drugs.

    SRFIM envisions a community that responds to the needs of disadvantaged groups and in particular, children, women and people with disabilities, and begins to recognise them as equals in society.

    Going forwards, the Sue Ryder Foundation in Malawi (SRFIM) will build on its experiences in delivering a medical model (service delivery approach), to begin looking at disability in broader terms, hence adopting a social model to project delivery.  They wish to build the capacity of the District Health Management Team (DHMT) and advocate for training of health-workers with skills for early identification of disabilities and epilepsy, management of disabilities and to stock adequate levels of drugs and supplies. They will also advocate for adequate budgetary allocations to support clients with epilepsy and disabilities. 

  • Raphael, India Ryder-Cheshire Foundation

    RAPHAEL was founded in 1959 in Dehradun (Uttarakhand) jointly by Leonard Cheshire and Sue Ryder.

    RAPHAEL’s mission is to assist in the:

    • Rehabilitation of children with intellectual and associated disabilities;
    • Control of Tuberculosis;
    • Life-long care of persons with acute disabilities rejected by society.

    It caters to the needs of the economically weaker sections of society in the State of Uttarakhand and the neighbouring district of North Western Uttar Pradesh.

    All its facilities and services are provided free to its beneficiaries. And, it is entirely dependent on its benefactors for financial support.

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  • Australia Ryder-Cheshire Foundation

    Ryder-Cheshire Australia (RCA) has close links with two overseas homes - in northern India (Raphael), and in Timor-Leste (Klibur Domin). RCA provides financial support and volunteers to work at the homes.

    There are three autonomous homes in Australia: one in Ivanhoe Victoria, and two in Mount Gambier South Australia.

    Separately incorporated Foundations in NSW, South Australia and Victoria operate autonomously and there is a regional Support Group in Ballarat, Victoria. Overall policy is co-ordinated by the RCA Board which meets several times a year. It also convenes a Biennial Conference for all supporters.

    RCA, its Foundations and Support Group are run entirely by volunteers at all levels, ensuring 100% of all donations reach the intended recipients and programs. It is an organisation that is making a real difference to the lives of people who are sick, have a disability, or are destitute; with a proven record of achieving its goals for over fifty years.

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