Project funding The Spitz

The Spitz

Live music is good for health and happiness. It improves everything from memory and mood to heart health and dementia. Despite this, many in the UK, including around half a million people in care homes, do not have regular access to live music.

Our grant will help to fund a number of concerts at Bridgeside Lodge Care Home in North London. This work is crucial to enriching the quality of lives/wellbeing of 19 people nearing the end of life. It gives participants something to look forward to, provides community connections, comfort, joy, kindness, lifting spirits, restoring harmony, soothing, entertaining, reducing boredom and depression, bringing a sense of love, joy and hope back to their lives. Families will also benefit from knowing that their family member is enjoying magical Spitz experiences.

We feel that this support fits in with Sue Ryder’s concern for the individual and what we can do to improve the lives of individuals at whatever point in their lives, one at a time.

The Spitz playing in hospital
Credit: Hannah Lovell