Lady Ryder of Warsaw Memorial Trust

About the Lady Ryder of Warsaw Memorial Trust

“For the cause that lacks assistance...
and the good that I can do.”

George Linnaeus Banks

Our Objectives

The Lady Ryder of Warsaw Memorial Trust was set up by Baroness Ryder of Warsaw CMG OBE shortly before her death in 2000 so that her good works could continue.

The objectives of the Trust are:

  • To relieve poverty, sickness and disability and the problems of old age.
  • To provide education about their causes and the means of relief.
  • To care for refugees.
  • To promote Christian principles and beliefs.
  • To relieve homelessness and unemployment.
  • To care for the sick and dying.
  • To support the charitable work of bodies established by Lady Ryder of Warsaw.

Our principles

In carrying out these objectives the Trust attaches particular importance to Lady Ryder’s principles of frugality, compassion and humility.  At all times it aims to embrace the efforts of volunteers and to respect the spiritual dimension of charitable work.

The Trust is devoted to the relief of suffering on the widest scale. It seeks to render personal service to those in need and to give affection to those who are unloved, regardless of age, race or creed, as part of the Human Family.

Sue Ryder in Malawi
Sue Ryder in Malawi
Field of poppies

The Lady Ryder of Warsaw Memorial Trust is a living memorial to all those millions who gave their lives during two World Wars in defence of human values, and to the countless others who are suffering and dying today as result of persecution. The trust aims to support people who are in need of care and love whatever their background, religion or circumstances.

These last four lines from the poem ‘What I Live For’ written by the poet George Linneas Banks poignantly sum up the unique and noble concept that was at the root of Lady Ryder's work from 1945 onwards. The Lady Ryder of Warsaw Memorial Trust aims to keep this wish of Lady Ryder's alive today.

“For the cause that lacks assistance,
For the wrong that needs resistance,
For the future in the distance,
And the good that I can do.”

George Linnaeus Banks

Lady Ryder of Warsaw Memorial Trust

“There's Rosemary, that's for Remembrance.



The Trust's work is a summons to seek out and face the reality of human suffering and to do something about it.


  • Robert Frith

    Robert Frith FCA

    I worked in the city for PriceWaterhouse Coopers and then for an American Investment bank before setting up my own accountancy practice in 1990. I sold my business in 2017 and am now creating my own portfolio career. One aspect of this relates to philanthropy, and I am delighted to chair Lady Ryder’s own trust and memorial funds.

    My business experience, based in the world of finance, helps enormously as we look to raise the profile of the trust, and it ensures that we have all the links and contacts in place worldwide to continue the great work that Lady Ryder started all those years ago.

    My interests are in current affairs, writing and all sport - actively golf.

  • Reverend Canon Robert Clifton

    I started my working life as a solicitor and was a partner in private practice in Norwich. I met Leonard Cheshire and Sue Ryder in the 1960's. I was Chairman of the Norfolk Cheshire Home and then started working full time with Sue Ryder in 1970. I assisted her in establishing 20 new homes in the UK. I was then ordained as an Anglican priest in 1984 and became a Trustee of the SRF. I became Chairman of the Trustees until 1998. I am also Chairman of the Sue Ryder Prayer Fellowship.  

  • Lady Hobhouse

    Over many years I had the opportunity to collaborate personally and professionally with both Baroness Ryder and Lord Cheshire. The impact of observing their dedication to each other and those suffering around them left a profound impression.

    Personal expertise in palliative medicine and pain relief has aided me in the realisation of the humanitarian projects we worked on in Mediterranean Europe. These were then effectively turned into successful ongoing palliative care support systems over time.

    I firmly believe that Sue Ryder’s legacy must be promoted and protected in the many places close to her heart. Her dedication to the relief of suffering throughout her life must be carried on for future generations. It is through the Trust that we can best achieve this goal. I have been a Trustee since 2002.

  • Eileen Wise

    I grew up in Cavendish where Lady Ryder lived with her family in the Sue Ryder Home headquarters. I went to primary school with Lady Ryder's children Jeromy and Elizabeth Cheshire, so I have been familiar with her work all my life. My father was Chairman of the House Committee at The Sue Ryder home in Cavendish during the 1960s and 1970s and my aunt volunteered and visited residents in the home nearly 365 days a year from the time it first opened. I saw at first hand the good work carried out by Lady Ryder and have always admired her for that. Lady Ryder invited my father to be a trustee of this charity in 2000 when she first set it up. When he stepped down in 2010 I was honoured to be invited to take his place. Most of my working life has been spent in the media in London and the US. I worked for The Economist magazine, the BBC and Reuters - amongst others - both as a journalist and PR. In 2012 I made a change of career and went to university to do a Bachelor of Arts degree in counselling. I now have my own private practice in Cavendish, Suffolk.

    I believe strongly in all the excellent work carried out by Lady Ryder during in her lifetime and want to make sure that with the help of the Lady Ryder of Warsaw Memorial Trust, her good works and beliefs continue for many years to come.

  • Michael Cutting

    I am a retired Chartered Accountant having worked for various property and investment companies in The City and Chelsea. I grew up in Cavendish directly opposite the Sue Ryder Home where Sue Ryder lived with her husband Lord Cheshire and I knew both of them. Having seen Sue Ryder’s wonderful work first-hand I consider it important to maintain her legacy and support wherever possible the good work she established.

  • Dr Magorzata (Gosia) Brykczynska

    I am the daughter of Polish political refugees who were granted asylum in the UK at the conclusion of World War II. As a teenager I volunteered at Cavendish to care for the residents at Sue Ryder’s Home.

    I subsequently obtained a degree in nursing from Columbia University, in New York City, specialising in paediatric oncology nursing. Since 1985 I have been involved in the education of nurses in the UK. More recently I worked as an international officer for the Royal College of Nursing. I hold a doctorate from Heythrop College - London University in pastoral theology and philosophy.

    I am retired and enjoy my garden and painting.

The Lady Ryder of Warsaw Memorial Trust is a company limited by guarantee and is registered in England No.3935283 | Registered Charity No: 1082295